Jafa Chocolate Chip Cookie

My baking doesn't always go to plan and when this happens I end up stomping around the kitchen, cursing like a sailor.  I get looks from my partner when I do this and I'm sure he's thinking "I don't think Martha Stewart talks like that".

We had some extra dark Whitakers chocolate in the house and it inspired me to have a go at making some jaffa cookies. I took a basic cookie recipe from the closest cookbook I had at hand and fooled around with the recipe, adding in cut up chocolate chunks, a bit of vanilla and some finely grated orange peel.  The flavour was pretty much there, but the base biscuit was too soft for my liking and the cookies spread across the baking sheet instead of  holding together as I had hoped.  I never seem to have much luck with chocolate chip cookies.  One day I'll have to have a go at working my way through Martha Stewart's selection of 15 chocolate chip cookie recipes to find one that I actually like.

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