House Envy

A couple of months ago I started researching leadlight windows on TradeMe, for my bedroom renovation.  In the process I stumbled across this house for sale, and am astounded that no one has snapped it up yet.  I realise that retrofitting houses is immensely expensive, and it's quite the do-up, but it has more character and charm than any new kit-set build might, and frankly is likely to last longer.  I'm still swooning over the details and potential for this house.  If it were me fixing it up, I would likely expose and polish all those beautiful dark wood floors and paint the interior walls navy.  I think with those high ceilings and all that space, this house could pull it off.


  1. It really is an amazing house. If only I had somewhere to store it while I hunted out the perfect piece of land...

  2. Its such a ridiculous thing to miss, but I really miss New Zealand houses.


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