Nici Wickes

My favourite New Zealand celebrity chef is Nici Wickes and her programme World Kitchen is currently one of my favourites.  I love the format of the show, which is part travelogue and part cooking show.  It inspires a want of travel as much as a want of cooking (and eating!).  I love how it's shot and edited, it's really visually flavourful and I love that the recipes are manageable.  No need to use half a dozen pots and pans or use a vast combination of ingredients that would wipe out my weekly grocery shopping budget in one meal (I'm looking at you Jamie Oliver).  Sure, there are a lot of chicken dishes because of the show's sponsor, but then I eat a lot of chicken, and the recipes could easily be adapted in most cases.

Nici is an excellent presenter who is very likable, relateable and an excellent instructor.  She has some great practical cooking tips.  My only disappointment in World Kitchen is the accompanying cookbook, which is pretty tacky-looking.  I sincerely hope that for the next book they find a better graphic designer. 

If you haven't seen the show, or have missed a few, you can watch these for free online through the World Kitchen website.

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