River Cottage Veg Everyday

I often have problems innovating vegetarian meals that aren't completely carb-reliant as I get stumped on using vegetable-based protein.  So I was very interested to hear that good old reliable Hugh Fearnley-Whitingstall has turned evangelical about eating more vegetables and less meat.  I bet his butcher is not best pleased.

It would be easy to be cynical and look at Hugh's enlightenment towards vegetarian cookery as a way to flog a new book, but there is a lot of logic in this sort of diet.  In my home we've been moving towards eating more fish, minimal red meat and free range wherever practical.  We've also talked about eating more vegetarian meals for reasons of health, thrift and ethics. I'll be interested to see what  River Cottage Veg Everyday has to offer by way of inspiration.

Read Hugh's article in The Guardian about his conversion to veg.

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