Blueberry Pie

Because I had had such success making pies, I was going about boasting how easy they are to make.  Then I promised to make one for my assistant's farewell party at work, and of course it completely turned to custard... or rather it turned into a great big puddle with syrup dripping through the base of the pie so that the crust resembled paper mache.  After a lot of cussing and slamming of clenched fists on benchtops, and an 11pm visit to my local supermarket, I had another go and ended up with a more presentable pie to take to work, though this time on the slightly too gluggy side.  So - some warning tips for pie filling making:
  • Make sure that you cook through the pie filling for a decent amount of time so that the cornflour has cooked, or else it will taste of glue.
  • Make sure that you add a sufficient amount of cornflour so that the filling doesn't seep through the base... but don't go overboard (you can add extra cornflour a heaped tablespoon at a time so that you don't make an error one way or the other)
  • Make sure you sieve the cornflour in so that it doesn't get too gluggy.
Here are some pictures of my most successful attempt at making blueberry pie.  By golly it was good - especially a la mode with vanilla ice cream.

To make this I essentially followed the same method as the one I use for making my Cheats Cherry Pie, but used frozen blueberries.  There's no need to add any liquid as the juice released from the blueberries as they cook will provide enough fluid to work with for the filling.  As well as cinammon, I also fine-grated in the rind of a lemon.

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