Lucha Lounge

I must have been one of the last people in Auckland to discover The Lucha Lounge, but I finally got there last Friday, on my way to the movies to see the-film-of-the-year, Drive.   The biggest drawcard for me (aside from the very cool Mexican wrestler theme)  was the promise of Mexican food for under $10.  I had a couple of soft shell tacoes with free range chicken which were not too shabby.  Cheap and healthy eats are balanced with some sinfully delicious cocktails.  I love, love, love their Apple Pie Margarita, and the bartender made a damn good Mojito too. 

This is a bar, not a restaurant, so the place is grungy and casual.  It is also tiny, with the 'al fresco' area (back alley) devoted to smokers.  I'll definitely be back for more cocktails, but only if I can get a quiet spot indoors.  If anything, the biggest impression the place has made on me is that I now have a craving to re-read about Maggie the Mechanic and Mexican Wrestlers in the comic series Love and Rockets

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