The first season of Portlandia screened on local telly a while ago, and I've just finished watching the second season.  It is good.  Portlandia is a skit show featuring musician Carrie Brownstein, and Saturday Night Live cast member Fred Armissen.  It's produced by Lorne Michaels, who is responsible for 30 Rock - so really there's no wonder I like it.

When I say it is good, the recommendation comes with the caveat that you know enough about hipster culture to be able to laugh at it.  If you're able to find humour in trendy brunch places, crafting, culture snobs, earnest organic and gluten free enthusiasts etc then you'll enjoy Portlandia.  Some of my favourite sketches are Two Girls, Two Shirts, Did You Read It?, Put A Bird On It! and She's Making Jewellery Now.  What really got me though, was the series of sketches around Battlestar Galactica.  Too close to home.  Too close!

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