Oil Paintings

I have been spending a lot of time at home of late, as penance for some impulse art purchases that have left me financially crippled.  A slight overstatement perhaps, but let's just say I won't be able to buy tickets or new clothes or repair my car for quite some time.  Both items were purchased through estate sales on TradeMe.  I love original contemporary art, but most of that I love is far beyond my financial reach and so moderately priced vintage finds are welcomed.

The first painting is supposed to be Victorian, and although the horse isn't very anatomically correct, with eyes akimbo, I think it's charming.  It's also of a quite impressive scale.  The second painting is far slighter in size, at a mere 13cms wide, but is wonderfully detailed and the young woman in it is fascinating.  Scrawled on the back are the words Jane Macwick (nee Martin), born in Worcester 19th December 1835.  Jane would be 176 this year.

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