Strawberry and Almond Crumble

This afternoon I decided to make room in my freezer by using up the last of my homegrown strawberries.  My recipe of choice was one that had firm approval at Christmas (demonstrated through Seconds being consumed, even after a huge Christmas feasting session). 

Nigella's Strawberry and Almond Crumble

It's easy and unbelievably good.  The combination of cooked strawberries, ground almonds and vanilla is a real winner.  The secret to any good crumble is to make sure that the butter and flour are well rubbed so that you get a proper crumble topping rather than chalk.  Also being patient and ensuring that the crumble is properly cooked through for similar reasons.

Nigella is controversial in our household.  Not for the usual issue of contention concerning Nigella, that of her love of calorie laden food.  The controversy derives instead from Nigella's use of the english language.  It makes my other half squirm in his seat.  "Why does she have to say 'tumble the berries into the bowl', why can't she just say 'put'?!"  We once watched her critique a panna cotta on an episode of Top Chef and she remarked that a panna cotta should quiver like the inner thigh of a seventeenth century courtesan.  It was too much for my love and he raged at the television.

I quite like Nigella's expressions, but I think they're best consumed in small doses, like her food.  For the record, Nigella may insist that crumble should be served with lashings of cream, but I instead opted for a more modest strawberry and rhubarb yoghurt.

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  1. I'm with Michael on this one. I tend to go off on 'FAT COW!' rants at Nigella. I love when she has 'friends' around to eat her food and all she does is compliment herself on her amazing food.

    Also her children are VILE.


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