Details from my kitchen

Vintage badges from TradeMe, Photo booth strip from Fringe Festival, Candelabra and beeswax candles from the Kerikeri Stone Store - an impulse, mid-wedding purchase.  Bought while waiting for the bride and groom to take photos.

Babushka fridge magnets (currently living on microwave) from Felt

Floral teapot from Mother-in-Law, canvas from op shop or TradeMe (can't remember).

Heart talisman paper weights bought from a shop in St Kevins Arcade, K Road.  One says 'Strength', the other says 'Soul'. 

Tea cups from op shops, TradeMe and my Grandfather, who has had a decades-long obsession with Royal Doulton china.

Artwork by Deborah Illingworth, entitled Closing Pollock School and Rhiannon at Awhitu Central.  I bought these from a gallery on the Awhitu Peninsula, during a work trip.  I was researching an article I had to write about the local school closing down. 


  1. Love the artwork, beautiful and eerie

  2. It was a fantastic gallery and I hope it's still there. That part of Manukau Heads is definitely worth a weekend trip. It doesn't feel like Auckland at all.


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