Croque Madame

Today is Bastille Day, or what the French simply refer to as le 14 juillet.

As I’ll take any excuse for a celebration, this morning I made Croque Madame.  The more common Croque Monsieur is essentially a ham and cheese toastie.  Add an egg and Monsieur becomes Madame.

Croque Madame

Nice white crusty bread, toast sliced
A good melting cheese
Dijon mustard (I like Master Foods dijonnaise for a creamier texture – but this is probably sacrilege)
A little butter, or if you’re more wholesome, cholesterol free margarine.

·         Butter two slices of bread and cut a big hole in one, using the rim of a drinking glass or measuring cup to cut out the circle.
·         Place the slice with the hole butter side down in a hot frying pan.  Crack an egg and put this in the hole.
·         Layer ham, grated cheese, mustard and the other slice of bread (butter side up) on top while the egg is cooking on one side.
·         Turn over when you’re ready and cook the other side.

Cooking your Croque Madame this way will ensure it’s nice and toasty on the outside, and when you cut into it you’ll get a runny yolk.

And here she is:

Bonne fête! 

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