Blooming Tea

Blooming Tea (also known as Flowering Tea) is the latest novelty food item to catch my attention.  Blooming Tea is dried tea leaves (such as green tea) that is skilfully wrapped around a flower (Lotus, Jasmine, Chrysanthemum) that will unfurl once steeped in hot water.  It is served in a glass teapot and resembles a swaying sea anemone.  Apparently Blooming Tea derives from the Yunnan province of China - or so Wikipedia tells me.  All I really need to know is if it tastes as exquisite as it looks...  Let's buy some and find out!  I quite like the look of Stir Tea's Double Happiness, or Pom Pom Pink

When I eventually get some, I'll let you know how it goes.  In the meantime check out the spectacle here:


  1. Hmm I saw this in the tea shop I mentioned to you the other day and thought about getting some but I think it kinda freaks me out. I can pick you up some if you like though!

  2. That would be amazing. Not sure it would make it through customs though?


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