My other half won’t let me plant fruit trees on our front lawn.  If I had my way, it would be a thriving wee orchard with a box of bees stored to one side.  Instead, I wistfully walk through the fruit tree section at the garden centre, or browse online, and think of what might be.  

My friend Catherine sent me the link to this great  New Zealand company, Subtropica, who do mail order subtropical flora.  Their catalogue is great and I am coveting a cinnamon tree, chocolate pudding fruit tree (!), coffee, tea and pomegranate.   I am definitely going to hunt around for a sunny spot to sneak in a pineapple plant.  The below is a picture of a pineapple that was growing near the car park at work, so I know they grow in Auckland climates.

PINEAPPLE (Ananas bracteatus)
This hardy bromeliad will grow in nearly all NZ situations, and will produce sweet, juicy pineapples outdoors. A four year old clump can produce 10 or more pineapples. The flowers are spectacular as well. Plant in full sun or filtered light in well drained soil, dig in plenty of fertiliser and protect from severe frost. Suitable for container or open ground.

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