Bridal Kitchen Tea

I promise not to go all bridezilla on this blog, but I thought I'd share some details from the bridal kitchen tea my friends threw me.  It was a lovely afternoon and I even contributed a little by making a cherry pie and sending home guests with a gift bag.  Really though, I did nothing much more than drink too much champagne, chat with people and watch the movie Bridesmaids.   I wasn't made to suffer through ridiculous games like making wedding dresses out of toilet paper, thank my lucky stars, and instead got very spoilt with lots of love and laughter and swag.  They really shouldn't have, bless 'em.  Lillies and cakes and bubbly and treats galore.  Such friends I have!

I was enjoying myself too much at the time to take pictures, but as you can imagine it was all tea cups and tiered cake stands and cucumber sandwiches.  Here are some snaps from the morning after...

Homemade bunting that Angela made from doilies and the leftover fabric from my wedding dress:

The sweetest little espresso cups:

Some pretty retro tins for my kitchen:

A spectacular belljar.  I can't wait to put some violets underneath it when I get home.  I have a spot in my study picked out for it's permanent home.

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