When I announced to my friend Angela that I was planning to elope in a couple of months time, she raised an eyebrow at my seemingly laissez-faire attitude about it all...  Or rather my lack of organisation!  Not only did she prompt me to action and (overwhelmingly) offer to make my wedding dress, but she also assembled a group of our lady friends at my house for a lovely bridal kitchen tea.  The invitations she created were made from the pages of a children's book, hand printed on the inside and sewn together with her sewing machine.  Just darling!

I have had less luck with invitations of late.  A while ago I sent out some invites to a tropical themed event, with the intention of drawing a bird of paradise on each envelope, using water colour pencils.

Oh dear.

I guess the moral of the story is to know your limits.  Mass producing hand drawn watercolour pictures is definitely beyond me. 

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