Free International Shipping

Free International Shipping are three words that will always catch my attention, especially when accompanied with the words 'no minimum purchase'.  These days I very seldom have time to shop during retail hours, so online shopping is an amazing resource for me.  Here are some of my favourite sites:

Book Depository - A very good selection of books at reasonable rates.  Amazon recently started offering free shipping to Australia and New Zealand to compete with Book Depository and then decided to just outright buy them - so whether or not Book Depository will remain competitively priced is up for debate.  Being able to shop in your local currency is a bonus. 

StrawberryNet - Popular brand cosmetics - skincare, make up and perfumes.  This site is good for if you need to order top ups of your regular supplies.  If you have extra cash and are wanting to splurge on something novel it might be worth checking out the 'Top 20 gifts and specials' section to see if there is a lip gloss or eyeshadow selection that you fancy trying out.

ASOS - Mens and Womens clothing.  It doesn't matter how large or small the item is, free shipping applies to anything.  This website has great functionality.  Favourite functions of mine include the sliding bar on the left that let's you shop within your price range, as well as the 'catwalk' function for each item that let's you see the item 'in action' on a catwalk model.  A lot of the dresses seem unreasonably short, so I tend to look at the 'midi' length dresses only.  So far I have had great success with this site, with a couple of great dresses purchased, as well as my wedding shoes.


  1. OOOOH! Those shoes look nice!

  2. I love them. I know that ASOS isn't generally known for quality, but these will do for special occassions. Being at the end of the earth I don't get much of a range of online shopping places with free shipping. If you know of any good ones - let me know!


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