Auckland Fish Market

Last weekend I went to Auckland Fish Market for the first time.  Based near the viaduct, it's more convenient to get to than you might think as there is free parking on site.  The fish market prides itself on being more than just a fish retailer by offering cooking lessons, wine tastings and tours.  In terms of retail, as well as the fish market itself there is a green grocer available so that you can buy everything you might need to prepare a meal.  There's a great selection of produce (though a bit pricey), and I walked away with some fennel bulbs and witloff (chicory or endive).   The fish market itself is impressive though a little intimidating, with many of the fish sold whole.

Aside from the super fresh fish, the biggest draw card of the Auckland Fish Market is the covered courtyard where people can eat lunch purchased from one of the surrounding restaurants.  The day we went, there was live music playing - a keyboardist and saxophonist playing covers of 80s hits.  It was a nice touch, though the band were a little loud so conversation was difficult.  We ate from the Market Seafood Brasserie.  My husband had fish and chips, and I had the ocean platter.  The service and seafood were great, but the chips were cold and my husband was disappointed that there wasn't any greenery on his plate.  We bought drinks from the courtyard bar, where beer and cider are available on tap. 

Overall I think it's definitely worth visiting, and it's the sort of place that I can see my friends with kids going to for a weekend lunch.  I think I'll go back, but next time will avoid the chips or dine from a different restaurant.

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