Forgotten Cookies

My grandfather's very generous wedding present to me was a beautiful pistachio coloured Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer, selected by my aunt, who has impeccable taste.  I love it.  It sits in the corner of my kitchen practically demanding to be oggled at and adored.  And it's a pleasure to use.  The first thing I made was a batch of Forgotten Cookies.  Making meringue with a stand mixer is such a breeze and  I don't think I'll ever go back to being without one if I can help it as I am a very lazy cook and normally can't stand beating egg whites.

These meringues are delicious, simple and very cheap to make - for two egg whites you get about 12 - 14 cookies.  The recipe has been formulated to be made at the end of the day, for eating the next day (you'll see what I mean when you read the recipe).  Traditionally this American recipe calls for pistachio nuts and dark chocolate.  I cheat by using half a block of nut chocolate (my favourite is Whitakkers macadamia milk chocolate) which is a lot cheaper than buying nuts and chocolate individually.

Forgotten Cookies

2 egg whites (room temperature)
A large pinch of salt
Half a cup of castor sugar
Dash of vanilla essence or paste
Half a king size block of nut chocolate, cut into chips
  • Turn the oven on to bake at a very high temperature
  • Put two egg whites and a large pinch of salt into a bowl and beat until frothy
  • Add the vanilla paste and a little of the sugar and contine to beat the egg whites, adding the sugar a little at a time.  Beat until the egg white forms very stiff white peaks
  • Fold in the nut chocolate chips then put large tablespoons of the mixture onto an oven tray that has been covered in baking paper.  Leave a little gap between mixture blobs to allow for spreading.
  • Put the tray in the oven and immediately turn it off.  Leave the mixture in the oven overnight and the meringues will be cooked and ready for nomming the next day.  Just for heaven's sake don't open the oven until morning!

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