Happy New Year

Happy New Year!  I've been distracted with family and work commitments - hence the gap in the blog.  I've been spending some time over the holidays getting the house and garden in order (well, not so much the garden in light of all this rain), so my home (and blog) should be back to functioning soon.

I have a stack of new year resolutions, but the ones most relevant here are:
  • stay on top of my vege gardening
  • finish decorating my master bedroom and hallway
  • finish insulating and weather-proofing the house
  • take better care of myself - more veg and less carbs
  • bake more but give all baked goods away (see last bullet point)
  • read more books and watch less trash television
My home life resolutions are some of my least glamorous but I bother to make them to keep me on track in making a home.  After all, a pleasant environment is important for mind, body and soul.

Wishing you all a happy home life in 2012 x

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