Just before Christmas we made a couple of trips to the SPCA and eventually picked out a pair of sibling kittens - a boy and a girl.  We had our hearts set on a tortoiseshell, so were surprised that we ended up with a pair of black and white fur babies.  Jean-Claude chose me, and Mimi followed.  We chose her for her spunkiness, and her strong bond with her brother.  We left behind another more placid sister, who hopefully has a home by now.

I tried to not get too attached, but have epically failed.  I am completely besotted with them both, despite the fact that they are systematically destroying my home.  I had never anticipated having to budget into the costs of pet ownership things like re-wiring bedside lamps or buying new house plants.

They are both very good tempered cats, though they each have very different personalities and interests.  Jean-Claude is very sweet and gentle, and very protective of his sister.  He is also a bit dim and is obsessed with the bathroom and taps.  Mimi on the other hand is a crafty little minx and spends time plotting how to break into rooms she shouldn't be in.  You can see her calculating.  She is also completely fearless.  We introduced the kittens to outdoors the other day, and she very quickly scaled the tallest tree in our backyard.



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