Poster Art

I am all for homes with neutral coloured walls.  I went this way myself.  It's a safe bet and you can easily change your mind, unlike the palaver of wallpaper.  What I am not for is neutral coloured walls with nothing on them.  Unless your netural walls are the backdrop to colourful large scale art, the starkness of them can be uninviting.  In the next few months I want to strip and paint my halls and am on the lookout for something to fill them.  I have an original piece of artwork on the shaded side of the hall but I wouldn't dare put original art on the sunny side for fear of UV damage.  Instead I am thinking of installing large framed posters with a large white border.  This way I can always get a new poster should the original become faded in a few years time.  

All Posters is the world's largest online poster store.  Not only does this website have a great range (including giclee prints, which last longer than standard posters) the site also has great functionality.  You can even upload a photo of the room you are decorating to see how the print will look in it.  I will definitely be taking my time to select something.  There are so many options! 

EDIT: I have just discovered, which is far more reasonably priced.  If you're into kiwiana, it looks especially good.


  1. I always torture myself trying to find the just.right.totally.perfect print! I'm like you: I can't stand a bare wall. I have collected a lot of things over the years. And I love shopping online! Sometimes, I find artists I've never heard of that way.

  2. I have a few friends who are blessed with luck and manage to find amazing things in flea markets and thrift shops. That luck seems to have escaped me - whenever I venture into a thrift shop it is full of nothing but stained tracksuits and chipped china with blah patterns. So online shopping it is for me. If you can recommend any good sites please share!

  3. Vintage poster art is quite spectacular, there's something for every space! Framing in white sounds lovely.


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