Bored to Death

I came across this series by chance, picking up the first season as a cheap DVD.  I chose it as it stars Jason Schwartzman (who has been in some of the offbeat Wes Anderson/Sofia Coppola movies I like), is set in Brooklyn (which I'd like to visit properly) and had a cute premise.  Bored to Death is about Jonathan Ames, a recently-single author who is inspired by an old Raymond Chandler novel to place an ad on craigslist advertising his services as a private detective.  Chaos ensues. 

Schwartzman is a suitable hipster everyman for the lead role of Jonathan Ames and Zach Galifinakis does a pretty good job as Ames' slacker graphic artist best friend.  I must say that the real star of the show is Ted Danson, as the millionaire publisher boss of the main character.  He has charisma in spades and gets some of the best laughs.  Of course a series like this would be nothing without a stream of excellent character actors to play the detectives clients, and Bored to Death has a pretty good ensemble.  Guest actors include Oliver Platt, Kristin Wiig, Isla Fisher, Bebe Neuwith and John Hodgman. 

So would I recommend it?  Yes I would.  In fact there could be no better commendation than to say that I would pay money to buy subsequent series on DVD so that I can lend them to my friends after watching them myself.


  1. I love the Schwartzman. Even though he changed his haircut halfway through the series and it threw me a bit.

    1. I can't wait for my DVD of the second season to arrive!


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