I've recently started a demanding new job and, as is want to happen, other areas of my life have taken a back seat for the moment.  This includes my home and garden.  Home renovation projects have been put on hold and I've been a bit remiss in my planting schedule, so I've gone from summer feast to autumn famine.  About the only thing thriving in my garden at the moment is ginger.  Not that that's such a bad thing.  There have been a few bugs going around my office (including one colleague who was hospitialised with meningitis) so my immune system could do with all the help it can get.  I need to fish out some ginger from my planter for asian-inspired soups, ginger tea, pickled ginger for japanese dishes and possibly some baking, if I can find the time.

The mass of ginger you see below came from one tiny cutting given to me by a friend.  Ginger gets out of control very quickly, which is why I have it in a planter instead of in the ground.  I love the way ginger plants look - so tropical - but don't want them popping up everywhere.  This planter is in the sun in an out-of-the-way spot and rarely gets water.  No fuss required.  And when it comes time to harvest some, I'll just cut off a chunk of the root and put the rest of the plant back.  Ginger is nothing if not resiliant.

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