Humbug Cafe

West Auckland needs a few more cafes.  It's unreasonable to expect all coffee-loving Titirangians to squeeze into Hardware Cafe, but that's what seems to happen every weekend.   I tried out Humbug Cafe last Saturday and it will definitely be my new local.  It's light and airy and has enough old furniture inside to make it feel homey.  The owners seem to have thought of everything you might want and how it should be presented - down to even making sure that all natural stevia is on offer as a sweetener, as well as sugar.  There is a separate wing with a play area for children (making this a cafe fit for parents and non-parents with a hangover), the service was good and the food was heaven.  I had brioche French toast with berries and bananas and my hubby had eggs and sausage which came with free range pork sausages which were beautifully spiced.  The home baked treats in the glass cases looked good, the coffee was good and there was a good selection of New Zealand made preserves and such (Foxton Fizz!  Elderflower Cordial!) that you can buy, if you so fancy.

So in summary - Humbug Cafe is good.  And that's all you really need to know.

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