Winter crop

I recently handed in my notice at work, and before I start my new job I will be taking the better part of a week off to do all those things that I never seem to get time to do, like see the dentist or finally get a battery for my watch (I've been meaning to do it for over a year).  I am also going to give my kitchen garden some much needed TLC, and have bought supplies in preparation.  I love shopping for seeds online at Kings as they make it so easy to discern what is able to be planted each season. Here is their autumn selection.  I have chosen radishes, beetroot, carrots, peas, spinach and kale.  I also bought some Lupin seeds, to give back some nutrients to my potato patch, but for some reason did not realise that I was ordering a whole kilo worth of seeds.  So if anyone needs any...


  1. hello thank you for your visit.
    so many seeds you've ordered : ) you made a good selection!
    i am actually growing a little citrus, first i did not know, but I once put a seed of a tangerine in the soil ( pot) of my avaocado tree and know recaintly i discovered a little sprout is growing. i was very suprised.
    i like what you do, i will come back to see how your seeds are growing.
    have a good week and take care.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to comment, Lotte. I look forward to seeing your tangerine!

  3. Great seed Lupins !


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